Sissystore Sissy Wedding Gown

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Sissystore Sissy Wedding Gown

Sissy Bride Fantasy or A robbery ?

I am Mistress Luna, the owner of London’s Crosdressing Room, and I have been offering professional Cross Dressing Services for over 3 years now.

One of my specialties is Sissy Bride Fantasy or Sissy Bridal Fantasy, which I really love playing with Sissy married men or Sissy husbands !

I first bought a Sissy Wedding dress from SissyStore, size 18 – not really long like real wedding dresses. The quality was just basic – poor for the money I paid.

I did not have too many Sissy Bride boys wanting to wear it really, as it is basically a long fantasy sissy dress – same as any other but in white fabric and lots of ruffles.

Then my Mistress’s sissy bride fantasy dreams, got frustrated !

Then I said I must find where to buy Real Wedding dresses for my sissy boys in big sizes that makes them happy, because being a sissy and having a sissy bride fantasy or a sissy bridal fantasy, all you want is look like a real beautiful Bride !

Then I googled Wedding dresses, and after a few hours on the internet, I’ve discovered that on Ebay or other online shops from China you can order your real wedding dress or wedding gown for a couple of £100 and even less, and it will be made to measure and any color you wish.

Then first I bought one, which I had on my doors step after 2 weeks, and when I got it I was shocked how beautiful it was, well made – stunning like on the website’s pictures. Then I ordered 4 more all of them in different sizes to fit different body sizes.

Check here : Mistress Luna’s Sissy Bride Wedding Dresses !

Suddenly, today doing some research on the internet I found that Sissystore is selling fantasy wedding gowns at not less than £2500, f…. taking the piss of the sissy community and from all sissy wedding lover’s !

It is okay, that a very smart woman who is manufacturing cheap sissy fantasy dresses on Thailand or whatever she makes them, charges around £200 and £300 for a dress that costs her – who knows – if  £20 or £30 per piece, as we all know that Asia has a very low price for manufacturing goods, it means human exploitation.

Writing this article, I just want to advice Sissies about being Sissy Ripped off,  for having a Sissy Bridal Fantasy, and please before spending your full monthly salary on a ( check their sissy bridal gown at £2500- a real robbery ) Sissy Wedding Gown , which it won’t cost more than £100 of manufacturing, and you will be so depress after receiving you wedding gown, I would like recommend you to google Cheap Wedding Dresses and you will find a huge list of links with the most beautiful wedding dresses you have ever imagined, and you will be very happy to get one which can be fully tailored for a very low price.

Just to finish with my BAD EVER feedback from an online Sissy Store, I would like to ad that Mistress Alaya of BangKok  (onwer of the sissystore and birchplace – themaidstore which all is the same) owns me 4 dresses since beginning of £2014 valued in £400. I have discussed this issue with her and Sissystore’s team, and they have refused to refund or delivery the items, then be very careful when buying from them as they have not scruples neither regrets for it,  even you make your complains over the social media where the entire world can see their reactions and unprofessional way of dealing with decent customers.

All they care is about money !

All they are is rudeness !

All they are is fraudster !

All they have is their hands dirty !

Sissystore Mistress Alaya fraudsters !

Do not be scare of publishing or complaining when you have been ripped off !

I am not the first neither the last that they ripped off and not delivered items .




Enema Mistress

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Enema Mistress – Enema Play

Before any medical fetish examination or male genital examination, Dr Luna ( Fetish Mistress & Nurse), recommends Enema treatment.

Enema Mistress Luna, is highly skilled administering enemas treatment. Being a sexy fetish practitioner (Enema Mistress), Dr Luna likes sensual and erotic enema play.

Erotic and sensual enemas, is the best option for a deep cleanse, to get ready for anal play or anal procedures such as : prostate massage, prostate stimulation, insertion of sex toys, dildo training, strap-on training, and specially for fisting or fist fucking.

Enema Mistress procedures

How to perform a fetish enema cleanse :

Enema treatment is designed to ensure a full deep cleanse of the patient’s colon. It can be for the purpose of fetish medical treatment as well as a humiliating treatment.

Dr Luna uses individual disposable kit douche (brand new sterilized enema douche), with approximately 1 litre of still water at body temperature, also a teaspoon of organic almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil for lubrication.

Introducing the enema syringe system into the patient anus (well lubricated), to motivate evacuation and experience additional benefits. Once the enema is performed, the patient will evacuate in matter of seconds (always in the toilet.)

Dr Luna and her team of Kinky Nurses are always happy to practice new techniques of colon cleansing such as :

Lemon Juice enema cleanse : it adjust the PH in the colon and helps to detoxify the system.

Apple Cider enema cleanse : it adjust the PH in the colon as well as clears out the mucous.

Chamomile tea enema cleanse : very soothing and effective.

Fetish Nurse Luna and her naughty team of nurses are not related to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries, all services provided are based on role play scenarios, fetish and fantasy related to Nurse Patient scenes.


enema mistress


enema mistress


enema mistress

Tantra Massage BDSM

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Tantra Massage BDSM Mistress Luna

Sexual therapies

Tantric massage (tantric sex) is the modern variation of Tantra in the Western world. It is used to produce relaxation, sensual stimulus or erotic arousal via sensual erotic massage therapy.

Sensual erotic massage it is also practiced by independent providers (escort masseuses) to help men with premature ejaculation.

Tantra Massage BDSM aims to integrate the sexual, physical and spiritual massage, in addition with BDSM techniques (mild sensual domination), fetish and fantasies.

Male sensual massage

A male sensual massage can be sexual or non sexual, depending of every client’s wishes. But it is not a traditional massage, it incorporates sensual touch of the erogenous parts of male’s body, such as genitals (including prostate massage treatment) – inner legs – chest and nipples (nipple play), and neck.

Basically aromatic oils are poured on top of your body (including genitals), with the help of sensual touch of warmed hands, to give a release of tension and stress. Once the body reacts and gets relaxed, tantra massage bdsm techniques can be softly incorporated, as well as a gentle play to your nipples, external prostate stimulation (by massaging the prostate with gentle glide lubrication), tease and denial techniques or tie and tease (with mild bondage restraints).


Tantra Massage BDSM


Bondage Massage

Bounded and restraint of self movement allows the highly skilled soft Domina to deliver a mix of therapeutic and sensual erotic massage. The perfect combination for bondage fetishists and those needed of gentle touch and eroticism, and why not a Happy Ending ?

If you would like to experience sensual massage mixed with mild domination, call Mistress Luna.

London Sensual Dominatrix 

To book an appointment call +44 (0) 7850 230 434 / Monday to Sunday appointments between 10:00 to 24:00,  in her private residence – discreet and carefully sanitized Mistress play space.

Sissy Maid Vacancy London

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Sissy Maid Vacancy London

I have been offering sissy maid position for a few months by now, it has been very successful if it wasn’t for a few pathetic Sissy Maids that were trying to take advantage of ME and waste my precious time (online – on the phone and in person).

Then as a HARD punishment I decided to report them openly here on my blog, to stop these abuse happens to other Dominant Ladies who are lifestyle Dominatrices and enjoy having sissies or slaves around during their spare time.

And for all of you : Sissies to understand well, that apart from enjoying what we doing, we also put a lot energy in our precious work, which gives to men great counseling and mental health, which some of you are deeply immature and do not understand how valuable our time and energy is.

I hope after reporting all these horrible men that they really do not know what they want (because £100 is not much for a person who has a job – family and lives in the UK) which is all I requested by paid once a month in exchange of my time and presence.

Here is a list of Sissy Maid Time wasters :

Number 1 –

Sissy maid time waster called me lots of times over 3 days saying his application has been sent . He is a liar as he never sent me any email; he does not speaks well English – his number phone is xxxx 440 2436.

Number 2 –

Sissy Maid Time waster emailed me and we agreed of 4 months contract starting tomorrow. He provided all information required. But in the end he wanted my time for free, he offered teaching me accounting – IT and information security , NONE of these qualifications were on my list. Then he called today and when I requested the payment he put the phone down like a coward cheap sissy bitch .Then I decided he needs to be on my list ! Phone number xxxx 099 2320 / His Name’s initials  P.M / 49 years old.

Number 3 –

Sissy Maid Time waster, these one is a very special demanding bitch who apparently hates woman too much for the way he spoke about all his girlfriends and wife. He likes to bring his own IMPRESSIVE collection of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanik shoes (size EU 39). He is 42 years old, stable with a good job (but lately he can not remain in any company for too long, then he usually quits his job after a few months, it means he is not mentally stable). We had a good start, but when I decided to make a longer contract he refuses to pay, but still wanted to come (to waste my time). He even tried to boss me around and impose me his own rules. Then I decided to add HER to my list : Phone number xxxx 7059 183 / his name’s initials are L.B .

Number 4 –

Sissy Maid time waster from Germany, this sissy boy really pissed me off. He applied perfectly and we meet for interview. He could not pay the monthly fees of £100, then he said he was qualified as a video editor. We spent 2 hours discussing about the training, and I even I looked for flats to share as he was staying in a hotel and he was desperately looking where to live. He is 33 years old, working in banking in Monument. I have sent him many emails with at least 30 apartments to share near his work office, and he never got back to me. Then I decided he needed to be on that list : phone number UK xxxx  0964413  Phone number in Germany xxx 12022432 / his name’s initials D.W.

Number 5 –

Sissy maid Janice has been serving at Ava Von Medicine, he applied and he sent me 100 of emails, he wasted my time online as well as over the phone. He has pictures washing dishes at Ava V. Medicine on Fetlife, I am really glad mistress Ava Von made him to perform cores that are suitable for a dirty pussy ! He is a truly bitch who needs to be punished and then I decided he earned to be on my list : he is 35 years old, lives in Cambridge and his email is jamie_hoy.

Now, if you really like to be respected, and you understand that respect starts on you and continues in others… then you won’t waste my time calling me or emailing me 100 times a day with your pathetic bullshit, otherwise your details will appear here !

Hopefully this makes other sissy time wasters BE AWARE that I am not into bullshit and my time is very valuable and I only like respectful sissies to contact me.

Mistress Luna

South West UK Mistress

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South West UK Mistress – Visiting Bristol Bath August 2015

London Based Mistress Luna – Spanish Dominatrix

To all those slaves in the South West of England, Mistress Luna is touring on the 29th – 30th and 31st of August 2015 .

I will be staying in a 5* Boutique Hotel in Bath, UK – Luxury Spa Hotel. Those who would like to experience kinky domination and BDSM session will have to book in advance.

I will perform my sessions from my luxury suit room, minimum length will be 2 hours at £500, starting at 12:00 till 24:00.

South West UK Mistress sessions will include :

Bondage and restraints, cross dressing services, dressing services, sissy maid training, sissy slut training, strap-on training, dildo training, prostate massage, caning and discipline, whipping, over the knee spanking, bare bottom spanking, trampling, cbt, cp, corporal punishment, cock and ball torture,  chastity training, slapping, nipple play, nipple torture, ballbusting, Adult baby minding, ABDL sessions, Diaper lover sessions, TLC session, foot worship, foot fetish, foot job, tie tease, tease and denial, public humiliation, rubber mistress, nuru massage, spitting and much more !

To make a reservation email me at

south west uk mistress

south west uk mistress

south west UK Mistress

south west uk mistress

Body Worship Mistress

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Body Worship Mistress

Whether you like Body Worship Mistress Luna offers lots of different Fetish Worship sessions.

From ass worship, kissing and licking my white peachy bottom or being smothered, asphyxiated and face sitting by my lovely ass.

Leg worship – boot worship – heel worship – foot worship – full Body worship Mistress Luna loves men worship her from toes to head, so here is your chance to worship a true Goddess if you have been fantasised or willing to experience Worshipping Mistress Luna !

My preferred is Foot worship, where slaves can train or experience foot licking, toe sucking, shoe worship, shoe licking, heel worship, toes licking … as well as breast worship, hand worship or boobs worship.

Fetish Worship includes all sort of devoted worshipers such as rubber and leather worship, glove worship,cock worship, strap-on worship, nylon worship, dildo worship, lipstick worship, stocking worship, pantyhose worship, nail worship and much more !




body worship mistress

Spanish London Dominatrix

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Spanish London Dominatrix

Mistress Luna Spanish London Dominatrix , based in Baker Street with own Private BDSM Dungeon.

Versatile London Dominatrix, able to switch from Strict Domina to Sensual Mistress.

Highly skilled in most of BDSM activities, from Mild domination to Extreme Discipline.

I cater novices and very experienced BDSM players, as well as Submissive Ladies or couples.

Real Submissive slaves is what I most like, beginners are also welcomed !

My sessions range from Sissy maid Training, ABDL Nanny, Submissive Girl, Strict Disciplinarian, Head Mistress and School Boy Discipline, WAM and Sploshing sessions, Dressing Service, Forced Bi sessions, Double Mistress , Mistress and Slaves Parties, Daddy and Mommy looking after an Adult Baby, Nanny and Diaper Lover, Rubber Mistress, Leather Mistress, Japanese Rope Bondage, Tantra BDSM, Japanese Nuru Massage and much more !

Visit my lovely site   and !


spanish london dominatrix

Forced Bi

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Forced Bi

London Mistress Luna, a Cuckold Dominatrix and her assistant TS – Shemale Breanne FORCED BI sissies and straight men. I dress up men in girly attires, sexy lingerie , highest heels, biggest breast form bras, fishnet stocking and made them ready for my Ladyboy and shemale assistant to meet them. When Shemale Breanne arrives, we dominate them together , tied them up, humiliate them as much as possible. When the Slut whore is ready, we make her suck our cocks and please us in all ways we want. Finally helpless sissy sluts is anal penetrated by her Dommes ! Now she is ready for more Sissy Slut training and be taken out for to a tranny night club to please real men and be pimped out !

forced bi

Sissy Forced Feminization

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Sissy Forced Feminization

In Baker Street Central London, BDSM Cross Dressing Service. More than 60 sissy dresses, lots of lingerie, high heels from8 to 15 UK size for men, fashion wigs all styles, full make up transformation from male to female.

See this beautiful Sissy wearing a full black rubber catsuit with inflatable boobs,  a tight rubber corset, the highest platform boots with a rubber doll mask with full make up on and a glamorous long blonde wigs. Sitting at the Gynecologic leather bench, fully restraint and ready to get a Medical Examination by a Rubber Nurse Sexy Mistress Luna.



Rubber Mistress

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Rubber Mistress Luna

I enjoy my Rubber and Latex Kink , and I love men worshiping my body plenty of silky shiny lube. Nothing makes me feel hotter than a full body tight latex catsuit with big inflatable boobs like a Military Rubber Mistress !

I could not resist the fascination of fetish clothing rather embracing it. I just love to take on different roles – transform and reincarnate myself again and again. It is a game – a seduction !

My absolute favorites amongst fetishes are rubber and  latex, corsets and high heels preferably in that combination. An elegant latex dress has as much appeal to me as a very strict mistress-style or a sweet pin-up with stockings and a brocade corset!

rubber mistress

London Domination

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London Domination

Welcome to London Domination with Mistress Luna Spanish Domina in UK.

Professional Mistress Luna in London, Beautiful Dominatrix with hourglass figure and captivating killer green eyes will hypnotise you and take you into a journey of  sensual erotism, where to experience the most exciting London Domination.

Join me to my London Domination sessions, strict – sensual and sadistic experience. I enjoy entertaining Submissive slaves, straight males, Sissy Boys, Submissive slave girls, Ladies, as well as couples.

I have lots of assistants for double London Domination and sensual kinky experience, from gorgeous Thai Shemales with amazing bodies and naughty cocks, Submissive slave girls ready to please Mistresses and Masters, handsome Bi sexual boy with massive 9” dick to humiliate Sissy Sluts and train to be perfect whores.

My London Domination dungeon

It is provided with everything you expect to find when you visiting a Professional BDSM Playroom, from a Gynaecological table, Suspension Rope system, Toilet chair, Spanking bench, Sissy Vanity table and Sissy Boudoir with the largest collection of Sissy Dresses ( more than 60 sissy french maid uniforms), a Sploshing Cubicle for WAM sessions,  a leather sling that can take up to 150 kilos, a Bondage leather board, a large collection of rubber for men and women, a canvas Straight Jacket and a medical glass cabinet filled with and extend collection of medical – leather paddles and huge rubber dildos… Do not wait longer, come to play with me !

Mistress Luna +44 (0) 7850 230 434