Scammer escort london – Whore stole my content to scam clients

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Scammer escort london using stolen content to scam clients

Hello everyone !

A few days ago I came a cross with a website that looks exactly like my main domination website : WWW.UNIVERSEBDSM.COM  VS .

My first reaction was to ring the number that appears on the website ” +44 7500 77 33 22 ” , surprinsingly a man with british accent answered the phone .

I’ve explained this man who I was and why I was calling, he said he had not clue what I was talking about and that he did not really care about it.

I’ve messaged him later on all the details to show him that his number was being used as a primer contact of the cloned website .

He never replied and ignored my following calls.

The person who advertise herself seems a bit stupid, first by cloning a website it will never work because the search engines will ignore your website because mine is already indexed .

Another thing is that the person who build up the site is a completely idiot because didn’t change any of my content apart of adding pictures of a lady that does not match the description written on the content .

On the description you can read that the person has green eyes ( like me with green eyes ) contrary to the pictures that has brown eyes.

If you read their cloned website, you will see that they copied and pasted all my details including Location – Equippment – Services – my Personal description , etc.

I am writting this because I have lots of followers and I want them to know that this LADY has nothing to do with me. I’ve never met this LADY and I do not want to be associated to an escort that pretends to be me, and has not clue about domination.

To those who never contacted me, I want to make clear that I am the only person who is behind Mistress Luna business and NO MAN WILL NEVER EVER ANSWER MY PHONE.

If you contact me by phone, I have Spanish accent and I do not speak 1 single word of Italian !!

Here are the pictures of this WHORE who pretends to be a Professional Mistress and is using my content to lure clients.

You are now aware of this scammer !

#Scammer phone number is  07500 77 33 22  or #07500773322

#Scammer website

If anyone knows this STUPID WHORE I will be very greatful if you contact me please to report her online !

Findom Dominatrix

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Findom Dominatrix .. A happy mistress means a happy slave an straightforward way to demonstrate your adoration and submission to your GODDESS MISTRESS is by pampering her with lots of gifts as well taking over her bills and daily expenses. So treat me well and you will be rewarded I am a Findom Dominatrix .. 😉

As a Mistress and a Findom Dominatrix I love credit cards and my bank accounts loaded of money, look now loser boy sitting on the computer looking for someone to humiliate you 🙂 here are my bank details for you to start worshiping me ( send money to Barclays account MVSPRODUCTIONS sort code 20-74-63 Acc 13813150 ). Following this I will get back to you 😉

I like to travel and spend nice time in different cities meeting with new slaves wanting to know me and be owned by me, then you need to become one of SPONSOR MISTRESS LIFE .. get me a flight to your city and full accommodation 2 nights Hotel and get from 3 hours FREE session to extended time depending of deal itself .. Now you can bring me to you more easily !

Mistress Personal Slave Wanted

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Mistress Personal Slave wanted


Mistress Luna is seeking a personal slave who is also looking to be educated and is able to under go to strict personalised training for at least 3 to 5 days or 1 week at least 4 times a year. This is a great opportunity for just a few candidates-only to experience being the slave of a life style Dominatrix.

I am offering this unique chance,  just a few slaves will be selected after passing an interview, to live up and experience a real day life with a very experienced Dominatrix.

The Mistress is available to travel worldwide for an undefined period of time ( see the list of countries preferable I will go to ).


Requirements of the slave

  • You must be into some BDSM or Fetish.


  • You must have a location where the training will take place.

It could be your own residence – a second residence like holidays house – a hotel room or rented villa where the training will partake. It must be big enough for me to have my own chamber and bathroom, otherwise a hotel room for the Mistress where you will come to get the training.

This applies to any country or city which you live or you are travelling to.

  • You will have to have a day job and a busy daily life, I will be training you on your spare time and make sure that you are moulded into the perfect subject.
  • Regarding payments ( just flights and accommodation ) you only will have to pay my flight 2 ways and taxis, and you must also offer the Mistress full accommodation for the training.
  • Not extra fees – not surprising payments at all.

In terms of Mistress limitations

  • Mistress doesn’t offer any sexual services, touching or intimate body worship, nor nude or any bottom situation will be tolerated.
  • Mistress doesn’t perform scripted role plays neither happy ending.
  • Mistress is not available late nights neither early mornings.

Other special requirements the Mistress might require 

You will address me as a Superior always, Madam – Miss – Mistress. You must be obedient, docile, devoted and submissive. I don’t engage with any subject apart from real submissive slaves. You must serve as much as possible in order to demonstrate your full devotion. You must do everything you can to please the Mistress, then you will have infinite rewards. From butler, to sissy or any submissive approach, the Mistress will allow you to speak about your likes and dislikes, in order to get trained in the correct way.


Countries or World Cities I am happy to travel to are :

Germany – Switzerland – Austria – Ireland – Scotland – Norway – Sweden – Finland –  Belgium – USA – Canada – Spain ( Madrid only ) – France – Argentina – Peru –  Chile – Uruguay – Hawai – Cuba – Croatia – Mexico – Australia . If your location is not on this list, write me an email perhaps I could be interested at.

More about the slave training

The training will include these practices which the slave will be able to choose from : chastity training, sissy training, slut training, bondage, discipline, canning, humiliation, punishment, degradation, total enclosure, foot worship, sissy maid training. These are the main activities that will be included in the offer – free of charge.

I won’t be providing during the  free training any of these services : medical examination, strap-on play, fisting, Hardsports, Watersports, spiting, facesitting, rubber mistress, cock milking or happy ending. These services are not included in my offer, if you would like to spend 1 hour with me doing any of these practices listed above we have to negotiate this separately.


To apply to Mistress Personal Slave position email me




Vacancies slave wanted London

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Vacancies slave wanted London

I am looking for a long term slave for a Vacancies slave wanted London. Main requirement be fully submissive to A Superior Goddess, never forget where you belong.

Vacancies slave wanted London

Mistress Luna requires a weekly assistance of a sissy slave or any sort of sub available to serve and help the mistress regularly at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Cores of the slave: from sissy cores, cleaning, ironing, scrubbing, shopping, bag carrier, driver, handy man and house maintenance to Mistress’s personal maid-butler.

Advantage and benefits for the slave, you will be immersed in Mistress’s BDSM world and forced to wear sissy attires and fetish paraphernalia, you will be punished from time to time and you will live in a surreal fetish world orchestrated by the Mistress.

Vacancies slave wanted London – How to apply :

Simple make a call, be respectful and serious. Answer all questions made and follow Mistress’s instructions if you are truly committed to go ahead with the position.

Other qualifications which can help you to get the position are web developer, then we can exchange time with the Mistress for web maintenance. However for this position, you might have to do the web maintenance from Mistress’s place.

Those who would like to apply call to my number and speak directly with the Mistress at +44 (0) 7857 244 126

Vacancies slave wanted London

London day use Escort room

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London day use Escort room

Are you looking a room in London available to use for incall escort work ?

Great, because I am looking an escort who would like to rent my spare room, and use it for her/ his incall escort work regularly .

I am flexible in terms of letting my room, you can rent it on an hourly basis – daily – weekly and short lets also are possible.

A bit about myself, I am a mature independent entertainer, I’ve been quite a while in the industry and I am very easy going, vegetarian and I love pets.

About my place, the apartment is located 3 minutes walk from Baker Street station W1, which is a great area for this type of job. I have been here for many years and I would have moved if it wasn’t a good location and busy for my work. The flat it is just behind Conran shop Marylebone High Street, then it is a great area to also do out calls too.

The room is just basic and cosy, clean and very bright with a nice bed and lighting . The bathroom it’s tiled and has a bath-shower with a huge mirror. All flat is very clean and very well maintained.

Offer options London day use Escort room :

  • By the hour at £30
  • Full day from 11am till 9pm = £100
  • Day time use from 10am to 1pm = £70
  • 5 days Monday to Friday from 11am to 9pm = £450

Towels and bedding are included, as well professional cleaning and laundry.

If what you are looking for it is not listed on my offers, feel free to contact me and discuss other options.

Have a look the pictures bellow : Bedroom and the bathroom !

If you need more information don’t hesitate to call me at +44 (0) 07857 244 126 or write me an email to

Heavy Bespoke Dungeon Suspension Rope Frame SALE

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Heavy Bespoke Suspension Rope Frame SALE Dungeon Equipment Fetish Furniture – USED for over a year.


Heavy powder coated box section steel / measures :

long: 3.10 meters
high: 2.50 meters
wide: 1.50 meters

It has a Gynecological leather folding chair / medical examination table attached , which can be folded down when using the suspension .

Gynecological bench measures :

long: 1.55 meters
wide: 70 cm

Also got 2 red leather padded stirrups for the medical chair, sell separately.

Important note :

It does not needs additional bracing for the corners to be attached to the walls of the room .

It can be fully dismantle for transportation.

It takes between 2-3 hours to assemble.

One of the brackets came off from one of the corners , we have it and you need to find a welder to fix it . But it is not necessary as the frame is extremely solid.

Other items seen on the pictures, such as electric winches ,suspension bars, slings, are not included.

CONTACT ME : 07857 244 126

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