Domina Luna Professional Mistress and Dominatrix, offering domination sessions and a range of fetish & dominance in exchange of money, where clients are able to negotiate their limits and boundaries.

My BDSM Domination sessions includes a variety of Bondage-Discipline, Sadism-Masochism, Fetish Fantasy, Submissive Girl services,  Role play scenarios, Domination for Ladies and Sissy Parties.

I also provide a range of Sensual Massages combined with Domination, Tie and tease and BDSM.

I enjoy to Role Play as a Nanny, Mommy, Governess, Baby Sitter, Adult Baby Girl, Diaper Lover, Head Mistress, Switch, Submissive Girl, Auntie, Nurse, Doctor, School Girl, School Teacher, Strict Disciplinarian, Sexy wife, Police Officer, Army Lieutenant, and Bossy Bitch.

Double Domination Sessions
I have many naughty assistants among other Dominatrices, Submissive Girls, Sissies and a Bisexual Male Escort that can join us for Double Mistress sessions.

Here bellow you can see TS Breane’s latest pictures. And if you click on the button bellow, you will see my bi sexual male assistant website.

Find below a comprehensive list of my sessions activities.