ABDL Sessions

My ABDL Sessions

ABDL means Adult Baby and Diaper Lover, it involves all related to diapers. ABDL are two separate fetish.

ABs are adult people that engage in adult baby fetish such as regressing to a baby state, wearing adult baby clothes, dummies and being fed by a mature or older carer, as well as being treated as adult babies.

DLs are adult people that engage in a Diaper fetish only, and there is not need of being an adult baby. These players don’t necessary regress, neither wear adult baby clothes or play adult baby games.

But instead they adore diapers, being diapered, forced diapered, plastic pants of any type. And have a partner to share their fetish with.

In that case they come to me to share their fetish with someone that likes diapers some much as well as they like.

ABDL sessions with Nanny Luna are the most exciting AB role plays in the whole country. I am the best Nanny – Mummy – Adult Baby sitter in UK, because I love being surrounded of Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers and Little Sissy Girls.

I’m a Unique Adult Baby Age player, because in my ABDL Sessions I can be also another AB Play mate and wear diapers, suck on my pacifier, get nappy changed, play naughty games and be spanked.

In my ADBL sessions I enjoy playing in my cot, having another AB boy or Adult Sissy girl and cuddle together.

I like meeting Diaper lovers and share or diaper fetish together, whether in my dungeon, adult baby nursery, domestic setting or outing excursions with hidden diapers.

Double Nanny
I have many naughty friends among other Dominatrices, Submissive Girls, Sissies and a Bisexual Male Escort that can join us for Double Mistress session.

Bi Sexual Male Fetish Escort

Find below a comprehensive list of my ABDL sessions.