ABDL Nanny

ABDL Nanny in London and UK

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

ABDL Nanny is the person who look after Adult Babies (ABs) or Diaper Lovers ( DLs), also known as a Mommy or ABDL Carer.

An ABDL Nanny can also roleplay as a Baby sitter, Auntie, Nurse, Governess, School Teacher, another AB play mate or Adult baby Girl, it depends on the level of involvement the Nanny is happy to be in.

An ABDL Nanny often has her own AB Nursery where to receive and look after her Adult Babies or Diaper Lovers.

As one of the most professional ABDL Nanny in the world I have my own AB Nursery with lots of toys and adult baby dresses for girls and boys to reproduce an authentic ABDL sitting or role play where adult regress as little babies, toddlers or teens to be disciplined or tender loving cared by an ABDL Nanny.

ABDL Nanny Luna

For many years in Central London there was not any Adult baby Nanny around, then I did a good research online and figured out that most of the Nanny and their Nurseries where outside London.

As I have been Role playing along with Adult Babies, Diaper Lover and Little Sissies for many years ..I decided to order my first adult Baby Cot – Crib in 2011 and open my ABDL Nursery in Central London.

Then and since I have been playing with all sort of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers from all over the world. And I am really glad as I have met lovely people that really needed someone to look after them even for a couple of hours once in a while and make their fantasy more real.

ABDL Nanny Luna Nursery

You can visit my ABDL Nanny and Nursery Official Website , by clicking on the link below.

abdl nanny


My ABDL Nanny Nursery is the Cosiest Nursery in Central London, plenty of Adult Baby clothes, Little sissy dresses, disposable diapers, terry nappies, pacifiers, plastic pants, baby bottles and lots of naughty toys for those Kinky ABDL players who likes to get into BDSM activities from mild to extreme Domination or Fetish scenarios.