Adult Baby Crib

London’s Adult Baby Crib

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Nanny Luna’s Nursery has an Adult Baby Crib always ready to babysit adult babies and role play with diaper lovers.

Nanny Luna’s adult baby crib is double sized which can fit up to 3 adult baby participants. It is an special adult baby cot designed for adult baby wetters with a quilted pvc bed cover.

If you are an adult baby boy and like being cuddled in the adult baby cot by a sweet loving nanny, wear romper suits complemented with disposable diapers and sucking an adult pacifier, whilst sitting at the ab cot.

And if your dream is living as an adult baby whenever there is an opportunity, put on a diaper, get powdered and pinned in tightly, then forced to slip on a pair of rubber plastic pants and get ready for bed. Sucking a nursing bottle to drink infant formula, the experience of wearing and wetting in a diaper then when the diapers is wet we change the diapers and ready to fall asleep.

If you only like being a diaper lover, just wearing nappies, disposable diapers, terry nappies, double diapered then Nanny Luna specializes in adult diaper fetishism and diaper fetishes.

Some others may be sexually aroused by urinating themselves, being spanked, and/or just getting very messy in the adult baby crib while being restraint, and dressed in adult baby girl attires, short satin frilly skirts and petticoats. Or even experience being dressed in public as a girl wearing a diaper as a humiliation for bed-wetting.