Adult Baby Overnight

Adult Baby Overnight London

I am offering now adult baby overnight stay – accommodation with the option of playing adult baby and diaper lover plays before going to your AB crib.

As an adult baby nanny I adore having adult babies to sleep over night, and to look after them with TLC and restraints if needed.


Full overnight 12 hours £500.

Full overnight adult baby accommodation comprises of 12 hour stay – 2 nappy changes – dressing for bed – bath time and baby bottle feed. Once the baby has been bottle fed will be sent to bed and nanny will be looking after until next morning when bottle feed begins around 8am.

During the night the adult baby will be fully restrained in his cot – crib, where he will spend all night sleeping and being cuddled by nanny’s teddies and dolls and wearing a pacifier.

If nappy change is needed during the night, nanny is happy to change only wed wetters for an extra charge of £40 per nappy.

Nanny is not happy with messy nappies – poo in the nappy is not allowed !!

If the adult baby does the poo in his nappy, he will be kept with his nappy dirty till morning and be sent home with the nappy on !

Before nanny is going to sleep to her room, the adult baby can have a nite nite sweet reward . Nanny Luna is happy providing a hand relief to the adult baby for not extra charge.

In the morning the adult baby will take a shower refreshment after his breakfast and departure just around 10am .


For extra hand relief £50 or venus 2000 milking machine.

Nanny wearing rubber for 1 hour £60 extra.

Enema cleanse procedure £120