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Breastfeeding ABDL Lactating Services

New in Town Mommy Sophie !

Hi everyone – adult babies – diaper lovers and naughty breast feeding boys ..  Mommy Sophie is a new naughty mum in London that loves breastfeeding and role playing.

Mommy Sophie has been breast feeding for the last 3 months and offers real milk straight from her lovely big breast or she can get you ready a warm bottle of milk just pumped for you !


Mommy Sophie is available every day ( Monday to Sunday ) by appointment only, then if you are interested please call us at +44 07850 230 434 from 10am to 10pm .

Mommy Sophie will request £300 for 1 hour session including real warm milk straight from her sweet boobs !


Pictures Coming soon !



Breastfeeding service for adult babies is also known as Lactation service, in which adults role play as Babies and Mommies/ Mummies or nannies and the main interest is being breast feed or sucking on a female’s breast.

Breast and nipples are highly erotic parts of the body in both genders, male and female.

Milk production can be achieved by stimulating the nipple and sucking on the breast, without necessarily have been pregnant.

Breastfeeding or Forced Breastfeeding is commonly an activity played between Adult babies and their carers.

Multi Breastfeeding ABDL service

Adult Breastfeeding services can be requested combined with Adult baby, Diaper Lover ,BDSM or Fetish services.

It can be just provided by one or more Adult Baby Nannies or carers, in our ABDL Nursery setting or BDSM Fetish Dungeon.


 Note :

Our carers and breast feeders are simply Adult baby players or Nannies that provide simulation of breastfeeding, and under any circumstances real milk will be fed.

For real breast Feeding Book with Mommy Sophie !

Best milk in town !!!

 Breastfeeding ABDL Service – Givers

Our breastfeed givers are Nanny Luna ( simulation – fake )  and Mommy Sophie ( real warm milk ).

For more details visit Nanny Luna’s ABDL Nursery.