Diaper Lovers

The Diaper Lovers

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Diaper Lovers are those who like simply wearing diapers and find it tender, fresh and warm comfortable feeling that causes them some erotic pleasure.

Being a diaper lover is a sexual fetish.

Some diaper lovers can wear it 24 hours, some 7 days a week, or just for bed time, or once in a while only.

Dls can be associated to adult babies, but not necessary engage in any childlike discipline or role play.

Mainly Diaper Lovers are interested in wearing nappies, from disposable adult nappies to terry diapers,cloth diapers, over sized or double diapered.

Wetting a diaper is not necessary for DLs but it can be fun, and even some like to mess while wearing it.

I am a Diaper Lover

I love wearing printed ones, but only when I role play with other DLs. I don’t like to mess or wet my diapers, I only like the soft and warm fresh feeling of it.

I like to role play as an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover.

 Diaper Lovers sessions

I offer DL sessions that can be fully tailored depending of your wishes, it can be combined with other BDSM activities, sensual and erotic role plays as well .

Visit my ABDL Nursery Website and find about my AB and DL world. ( click the banner bellow )

I do travel Worldwide and I love meeting Age players and provide fetish and fantasy ABDL sessions.