Little Sissy Girl

Playing Little Sissy Girl games

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

As a Sissy Mistress and a Nanny Mistress I love playing with a Little sissy girl, which I can made-up at my wishes and fantasies, apply nice make up to look more girly, curl her hair to look more pretty, dress up with satin short prissy sissy dresses, plenty of lace and bows, matching frilly knickers, little girl frilly socks and Mary Jane’s shoes.

Little sissy girl sometimes needs to be put into diapers and plastic frilly pants and be potty trained if she stil wets her panties.

I like little sissy girls as when wearing little sissy dresses they behave sweet and docile, and they like to play dollies and naughty stuff, then this is when Nanny Luna gets a soap bar and mouth washes the little sissy girl and she cries and keeps talking bad.

Then time for bare bottom spanking if the little sissy girl does not behaves well, then she gets her nappy removed and panties lowered, she sat on my lap and gets hand spanking.

After a good dose of bare OTK Nanny allows little sissy girl to get a release, and little sissy girl is allowed to please herself and touch her little pussy in presence of her Nanny. Then we sit happily in the adult baby cot and play with little sissy girl’s pussy and all of a sudden her little sissy girl dress got a huge white sticky mess and  little girl finally got relaxed.