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Feminisation London

Feminisation is a gender transition from Male to Female.

Feminisation is a practice achieved via Cross Dressing where a submissive male is dressed or forced to dress in female attires, female undergarments, including full make up, hair dress and nail polish.

Other tasks may include: sitting, walking, and acting in a feminine way.

Costumes may include school girl uniform, secretary attire, French sissy maid, adult baby girl , sissy princess or sissy slut look.

Forced Feminisation may include the Mistress using her strap-on or dildos and the male receiving anal sex, for the Mistress’s pleasure.

Sometimes the feminized male may be forced to perform oral sex to other Mistress’s slaves as a form of submission to the Dominant Mistress.

Other common practices in feminisation are orgasm control by using a chastity belt.

Being a Feminisation London practitioner, I adore transforming submissive men in sexy sissy sluts or whores.I am the most knowledgeable mistress in Central London when it comes to feminisation, cross dressing, and full make over transformation.

With the help of my assistants such as Shemales and a Bisexual male I provide the most complete and exciting  Sissy Training and Forced Bi in Central London.

Forced Bi
I have many naughty friends among other Dominatrices, Submissive Girls, Sissies and a Bisexual Male Escort that can join us for Double Mistress session.

TS Kelly B

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