Feminisation sessions

Feminisation London

JUNE SPECIAL 1 hour session £150

Feminisation is a gender transition from Male to Female.

Feminisation is a practice achieved via Cross Dressing where a submissive male is dressed or forced to dress in female attires, female undergarments, including full make up, hair dress and nail polish.

Other tasks may include: sitting, walking, and acting in a feminine way.

Costumes may include school girl uniform, secretary attire, French sissy maid, adult baby girl , sissy princess or sissy slut look.

Forced Feminisation may include the Mistress using her strap-on or dildos and the male receiving anal sex, for the Mistress’s pleasure.

Sometimes the feminized male may be forced to perform oral sex to other Mistress’s slaves as a form of submission to the Dominant Mistress.

Other common practices in feminisation are orgasm control by using a chastity belt.


Being a Feminisation London practitioner, I adore transforming submissive men in sexy sissy sluts or whores.

I am the most knowledgeable mistress in Central London when it comes to feminisation, cross dressing, and full make over transformation.

With the help of my assistants such as Shemales and a Bisexual male I provide the most complete and exciting  Sissy Training and Forced Bi in Central London.


Double Nanny
I have many naughty friends among other Dominatrices, Submissive Girls, Sissies and a Bisexual Male Escort that can join us for Double Mistress session.

Mistress LucyMistress Anna MariaSensual Janine TantricBi Sexual Male Fetish Escort


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