Cuckold Domination

During  2022 I am open for business as usual !

Cuckold Domination

A cuckold fetishist is considered a voyeur, considered as a victim who derives great pleasure from seeing his wife, girlfriend or partner being pleasured and serviced by another male.

A cuckold fetishist is a masochist person that takes pleasure from being humiliated while being put into chastity, usually wearing a chastity belt or chastity device, and deprived of self stimulation or orgasm denial, while watching others performing sexual acts.

A cuckold Mistress is a Dominant female that cuckolds or forced bi her submissive slaves by making them to perform oral sex to Alfa Males, forcing the slave to eat and clean their sperm or cum by licking or swallowing it, after having pleased her or another female slave.

Cuckold Sissy

Cuckold sissies are voyeuristic submissive straight men that enjoy being feminized, cross dressed and humiliated by being cuckolded by their Mistress.Usually forced feminized, forced into chastity or castrated and being forced to watch Alfa females getting pleasure with real men.

As a part of the Cuckold Sissy Domination, the sissy slut faggot is forced lick wet cum.

 Cuckold Domination Sessions

My Cuckold domination session can be performed in my sissy boudoir or in my fully equipped dungeon, where straight men are transformed into sissy slaves whores, put in chastity, tied up in restrictive bondage and forced to watch my slave submissive girl being fuck in her pussy by a handsome Alfa male with a huge massive cock.

Once the sexual act is consumed, the sissy slave is forced to suck on the male’s cock and lick all the cum left on my slave girl’s pussy.

The cuckold sissy will be always denied from orgasm or self stimulation and send back home with a chastity device on as part of the cuckold humiliation session.