Forced Feminisation

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Forced Feminisation Sessions

It is also known as Forced Fem, where dominant women force helpless men into satin panties, a pair of breast form, locked in a french sissy maid attire, butt plugged and turned into a weak sexy girl or slave girl.

Cuckolding mistress and slave chastity frequently goes hand to hand with Forced Feminisation, as a part of humiliation and embarrassment for the submissive sissy.

 Forced Feminisation Steps

When a man is forced feminized all his clothes must be removed, put into a garbage bag and locked away.

Make up, hair styling, body wax or shaving, manicure and pedicure is highly recommended to achieve the most feminine look.

Choosing the perfect attire depending of the look that your Mistress wants for the sissy, such us a French sissy maid, school girl, sissy slut whore, adult baby sissy girl or traditional maid servant.

Forced to wear corsets to reduce your waist, garters and belts to suspend your fully fashioned stockings, wear sexy lingerie, undergarments and huge breast form bras.

Being taught how to walk on high heels, how to sit, move and speak in the most feminine way.

A Forced Feminisation will be completed with the use of a chastity belt. Being chastised and deprived of all male self stimulation will make the submissive slave into a perfect Sissy girl, including the use of but plugs and a remote control dildos.

Forced Feminisation may include undergo a comprehensive submissive sissy training of how to please and serve your Mistress, and if it is required also please and serve Mistress’s girlfriends, other houseboys or be rented out to other Mistresses as a part of a full Forced Feminisation and humiliation session.