Live-in sissy slave

Full time Live – in sissy slave vacancy

What is a full time live-in sissy slave ?

A full time live-in sissy slave, is a docile male with submissive tendencies towards Dominant females, who is looking to live with a Professional Mistress or Dominatrix.

What are the requirements to apply for live-in sissy slave vacancy ?

Have a job which keeps you busy most of the day, be a single submissive male (divorced – separated also applies), preferred with sissy tendencies.

Be able to pay for your own accommodation and your expenses inside my house.

This is not an offer for free accommodation !



Part time Live-in sissy slave vacancy

A part time live-in sissy slave is a docile submissive male whom lives and works abroad or has a family, and is willing and able to maintain a secret second residence which he will visit periodically and serve his Mistress for the time of his stay.

If you have a busy private life, but you are able to secretively scape few times a month to serve me, and to be able to pay monthly for your own accommodation at my place, then you must apply !



Live-in sissy slave cannot smoke or drink – bring friends – lovers or family to Mistress’s residence.

Live-in sissy slave cannot be a drug user or heavy alcohol drinker or being under any mental health medication.




If you apply to be a live-in sissy slave at Luna’s residence you will be granted to have your own double bedroom with own closet – shared bathroom and kitchen – and of course unlimited use of Mistress Luna’s sissy maid dresses collection.


bedroom 2





You must pay monthly and in advance the rent of your double bedroom and bills if required. And you must keep Mistress residence spotless at all the time.

Be available to serve me and be friendly with my other slaves.




Why not to try a real live in slave experience, serving a dominant dominatrix, worshiping a real goddess and living out the most exciting submissive life style based in S&M, strict discipline, fetishes and punishment if needed be !