Sissy Maid Vacancy

Sissy Maid Vacancy available

Part time Sissy Maid vacancy is available now – Serve a Mistress in Central London !

I am looking for a Sissy Maid on a regular basis to be collared, willing to serve Me, as well as a Live – in sissy slave →.


Mistress’s residence

I have a 2 bedroom apartment,  with a 20 square meters dungeon – kitchen and 2 bathroom that are very easy to clean and maintain.

The apartment is filled with BDSM items, but all is very tidy and well organized.

I already have a few Sissy Maids already, and I am looking to own another Sissy / Sissies as I am lazy and greedy, then I can spend more relaxing time, long sessions in the gym, read and study as much as I want.

Sissy Maid Vacancy – Duties

Here is a list of the maid’s responsibilities :

* Vacuuming carpets * Dusting around * Washing dishes * Laundry, hanging and ironing the dungeon’s towels * Cleaning windows * Dusting the around * Scrubbing the toilet.

sissy maid vacancy

 Apply for Sissy Maid Vacancy

To apply for this position you must * Be a submissive Sissy * Be older than 30.

Other qualifications may help you to apply for the JOB :

* Web designer * Web developer * Photographer * Writer * Personal trainer * Swim instructor * IT expert * Teacher of Arabic Language * Solicitor – lawyer * Dress maker – tailor * Video editor


To proof that you are committed, Sissy Maid vacancy is not for free, you must make a payment of £500 (which will cover 4 months attendance) and this will grant you the possibility of serving Mistress Luna at least once a week or more often depending on Mistress availability.

If you are not able to make the tribute, I won’t be interested in you !

Becoming Luna’s Maid does not entitle to have any fetish or BDSM services in exchange of your services. Do never ask for toilet training – chastity – foot fetish or the use of any machine.

A maid only can expect to be dressed in maid attires and be sent to serve me and my guests.

Sissy or Slave Wanted

Sissy or Slave needed for Photo shoot and Video Film. Model will be wearing rubber doll mask with full make up on, birth marks and tattoos will be fully covered.

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Sissy Maid Position