Fetish Sessions

Fetish is a form of sexual fixation, obsession or desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, clothing, part of the body, or activity.

If a sexual fetish causes you significant psychosocial distress or has a harmful effects on important areas of your life, I would recommend you to accept your fetish rather than seeking external treatment to get rid of it, and find someone open minded to share it or to push your boundaries… Someone like me, that will understand your needs and desires better than anyone elseĀ  !

Worship and Fetish Sessions

I cater a variety of Fetish sessions including : Fetish clinic sessions, Fetish Medical Examination, Infantilism, Adult Baby and Diaper Lover, Tickling, Strap-on and dildo worship, Toilet Training, Hard Sports, Scat, Water Sports, Golden Shower, Feminization, Sissy Maid Training, Sploshing, WAM, Food Fetish, Foot Fetish Sessions, Body Worship, Breast Worship, Breastfeeding, Leg Worship, Nylon Worship, Glove – Leather, Rubber Worship, spitting, puking , dirty talk, verbal humiliation and double mistress humiliation sessions.

Find below a comprehensive list of my fetish sessions and other services related to fetishism and worshiping sessions.