Balloon Fetish Mistress


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Balloon Fetish Mistress sessions

Balloon fetish is sexual expression of Balloon Lovers ( latex enthusiasts ) which involves playing with latex balloons, popping balloons, blowing balloons, and also associated to BDSM fetishism.

Balloon Looners are individuals who have a fetish for toys balloons, and experience erotic turns-on with balloons, and sometimes can be obsessed about having sex surrounded by balloons of all sort of colors and shapes, such as solid colored balloons or transparent balloons.

Their attraction to balloons comes from its the ability to expand which may create a link or fantasy related with the increase of size of human sexual organs when experiencing sexual arousal.

Some Balloon Looners can have an orgasm simply by blowing up a balloon until it is popped.

Balloon Looners can be sexually aroused by smell of the rubber, the texture and color, also by rubbing against balloons, sitting or stepping on it and squeezing. Also when they see balloons being popped by the opposite sex.

balloon fetish mistress

Poppers & Non-Poppers

Poppers are generally more dominants balloon looners who derive sexual arousal from popping balloons, while non-poppers more submissive that avoid the bursting of balloons and prefer to keep the balloon safe for as long as possible.

Balloon Fetish Mistress Service

Since Balloon Looners like to share their balloon fetish with other looners, Mistress Luna offers balloon fetish sessions combined with any other BDSM activity. Balloon fetish service can be focused to sensual and erotic, to sadistic or humiliating way of playing with balloons.

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