Fetish Nurse Play

During  2022 I am open for business as usual !

Kinky Fetish Nurse play

Fetish Nurse play – Dr Luna and General Fetish practitioner administering Medical examination, therapeutic or corrective role play scenarios for all genders including couples are welcomed.

Our Clinic Dungeon and Medical BDSM consulting room bring into play kinky treatments to patients of all sort of ages and medical needs.

Private Medical Fetish nurse Play – where the Patient is set up in a clean – safe environment with not risk of infections, diseases, long lasting marks, or injuries.

Fetish Nurse Luna practices from TLC – mild – sensual to high and extreme degrees of pain including bondage, restraints and hard discipline.

Phone Doctor Consultation

Doctor Luna can diagnose and prescribe treatments or provide fetish nurse play over the phone.

Let’s have a chat – call now !

Kinky Procedures & Fetish Nurse Play

Anal Procedures

Anal examination

Also known as rectal examination, Nurse Luna will gently insert a lubricated finger even the patient may feel embarrassed. All sort of sexual toys and implements can be inserted if the patient needs, such as but plugs – dildos and other insertables.

Prostate Massage

Following anal examination, Nurse Luna advices to all patients to try this pleasurable ancient treatment.

Erotic Enema

Best cleansing practice for those in need of anal treatments.


Doctor Luna has developed amazing Fisting techniques for the stretching of the anus.

Pussy Gynecologic examination

Pussy examination is the most common request in Doctor Luna female clinic, providing speculum dilatation, vaginal fist exploration and clitorial stimulation with vibrators.

Penis Treatments


Nurse Luna offers an effective and very discrete solution for those who suffer irrepressible self stimulation disorder.

Penis Electro Stimulation

Genital erotic stimulation also know as E-stim, which can be delivered in an erotic form as well as sadistic or painful procedure.

Sounds and penis dilators

Designed for female practitioners to insert and stretch males penises as well to stimulate the inside and outside of the male sexual organ.

Ball Stretcher therapy

To maintain the testicles a lower temperature than the body, Nurse Luna has lots of implements and different treatments available to stretch your balls.

Premature ejaculation

New treatment for all sort of males that their orgasm happens too soon, based in tease and denial and orgasm control.

Forced Milking

Delicious procedure in which the sadistic Nurse drains the male’s testicles, seen as the best example of female domination.


To prevent and control active males from reproducing, Doctor Luna is experienced in castration and sterilization procedures. ( role play only )

Venus 2000

Doctor Luna has discovered Venus 2000 4 years ago, it is the worldwide leading male sperm donation program, since she bought the Milking machine she has the most successful Sperm Bank in London.

Vacuum penis pump

Doctor Luna has the latest machines for penis enlargement, Vacu-tech the best electric penis pump in the market.

Special Humiliating Treatments

Water Sports

Nurse Luna provides the best Golden Shower for sexual stimulate stressed males.

Hard Sports

Also know as Scat, is the utmost uncomfortable degradation that a cruel Nurse can inflict to a submissive patient.

Chronic Adult Incontinence

Nurse Luna is highly skilled in Adult Nappy discipline for those who suffer from heavy adult incontinence.

Extreme Fetish Treatments

Poppers intoxication

Nurse Luna administers Alkyl nitrite to enhance feelings of pleasure during your internment ( this administration will be under the supervision of Doctor Luna at all the time ), poppers side effects.

Restrictive Bondage

Some patients may be a bit scared of medical procedures, Doctor Luna has all sort of bondage implements you could possibly dream of, to secure – bound and even a restrictive straight jacket or a rubber inflatable sleep bag Studio Gum BS 3.

Isolation and confinement

Extended periods of asylum are prescribed by Doctor Luna, sensory deprivation in a solitary confinement room can be the cure for patient’s bad habits.

Psycho Male Disorders Cures

Sexual Male Disorder

As men often experience sexual problems, Doctor Luna has a kinky team of Nurses and a Male Doctor to join her and discuss possible help treatments such as Forced Bi or sissy training.

Weight loss dietary treatment

Doctor Luna has experimented many type of treatments depending the sort of patient, such as abstinence treatment, to food intoxication program, including humiliation – degradation ( with the use of bondage and restraints if needed ) as well as diet distance training.

Compulsive eating – drinking disorders

Doctor Luna has a team of specialists in drunk and eating disorders, for those seeking treatments we have specials packages of rehabilitation starting from 1 hour length – half day – 24 hours – 48 hours and even longer stay, please contact our team to arrange a consultation.

Dr Luna offers now ” Fetish Patient intense care treatment “, where patients can spend from half day to even 7 days interments in our fetish clinic. We have acquired an hydraulic Hospital single bed where to enjoy fetish nursing care or being fully restraint in our mental asylum institution.

All these packages will be fully tailored by the Mistress, but always respecting patient’s limits.

* Half day Patient Fetish intense care from 09:00 to 13:00 One Nurse £550 – half deposit payment required.

* Full day Patient Fetish intense care from 10:00 to 20:00 One Nurse £900 – half deposit payment required.

* Overnight Patient Fetish intense care 3 hours play –  from 9pm till 7am. One Nurse £1100 – half deposit payment required.

* 24 hours Patient Fetish intense care One Nurse £1.500 – half deposit payment required.

** deposit payment is non refundable, if you cancel the session in advance your deposit will be applied for next session **

Some procedures has an extra charge

Enema (£450 ) 2 hrs play  including individual disposable kit douche + enema treatment.

Venus 2000 ( £180 ) for 1 hour session.

Fetish Nurse Luna in full rubber attire extra £90.


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Home Doctor visits – Fetish Nurse play

Since some patients are unable to attend our Fetish clinic, now Nurse Luna offers 24/7 home visits, as well as at your business office or hotel, only for urgent fetish medical problems anywhere in London and the UK.


Fetish Nurse Luna is not related to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries, all services provided are based on role play scenarios, fetish and fantasy related to Nurse Patient scenes.

We do not provide

Anesthesia Fetish when realised outside real medical clinic may result in various degrees of harm, or death.

Fetish Blood Play.

Needle Play.