Hardsports and Toilet training

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It is a sexual activity involving feces, it is also know as Brown shower – Scat or Coprophilia.

It is an extreme sexual practice involving the defecation of one of the participant onto the other or just forcing the second to play – smell it – swallow or chew it as a kind of punishment or humiliation . It can cause sexual arousal and pleasure as well as significant distress.

Fetish Scat is when a person is sexually aroused by fecal matter, whether while watching another defecating, using the feces in a sexual act, smelling or eating the feces, or removing the penis from the partner’s anus and inserting it to the mouth ( also known as Ass to mouth – ATM ).

Ass to mouth is when the penis/dildo of the dominant partner goes straight to the mouth of the submissive without being clean before oral insertion.

Scat Givers can be able to control the amount, consistency or smell of their feces by altering the diet.

HardSports are usually combined with Water Sports or Golden Shower ( Urophilia ).

 Natural HardSports Sessions

Human Toilet training sessions mainly the slave lets himself into self humiliation, embarrassment, degradation and punishment when he is taken into slave toilet training.

As a Professional Mistress and I am highly skilled in natural hardsports sessions, which I conduct in my dungeon with the slave handcuffed to my toilet chair training, forcing my slave to taste my precious Brown Shower.