Leather Mistress

Leather Mistress

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A leather fetishist is a person attracted to wear or see other people wearing leather garments.

The smell, the sound and the look of leather costumes can be a sexual attraction for a leather fetishist.

Leather subculture is associated to the BDSM scene, where men and women wear full leather outfits and consider themselves leather worshipers.

Wearing black thigh leather outfits gives the Dominant a certain sense of power and is commonly in the BDSM scene.

 A True Leather Mistress

A devoted Leather Mistress usually wears all sorts of leather outfits, basically black leather trouser combined with leather tops or tight irresistible corsets.

Thigh full body catsuit with back or front zipper and leather sexy high heels with a military hat, to impress any submissive slave.

Leather Hot Pants and leather bras combined with over the knees high fetish leather boots and fully fashioned stockings.

From pencil leather skirts with a silky blouse to create a secretary look, to a sexy mini leather skirt or very short sexy leather dress, without forget a pair of long elbow soft leather gloves .

Extreme Leather Mistress

There is nothing hotter than wearing soft leather fetish outfits.