Medical Fetish

Medical Fetish Examination

DuringĀ  2022 I am open for business as usual !

Medical Fetishism relates to having sexual attraction to all around medical procedures, hospitals and practitioners from Doctors, Nurses, patients, Uniforms, medical instruments, from dental, gynaecological, urological and psychological kinky and sexy medical fetish examination.

Medical Fetish Intimate examination refers to a sexual role play where a Professional Dominant Female Doctor or Sexy Nurse meet patients for embarrassing or humiliating procedures.

Often inserting medical instruments in orifices, such as anus, penises, testicles and nipples to simulate uncomfortable sensations that can occur in a real examination.

Strap-on play, enemas and hand relief can also be incorporated by a previous arrangement.

Check my Goody Bag, a set of 7 pictures playing Nurse Fantasies with my Slave.

London Fetish Clinic

London Medical Fetish Clinic, with Doctor/Nurse Luna and her amazing team of sexy Girlfriends, Shemales nurses and Male Bisexual Dr. will assist you with any type of medical and Psychological Kinky health request.

Our Medical Staff have is very well skilled in medical fetish fantasy and BDSM role plays, always wearing lots of rubber medical outfits, latex gloves, long length surgery gloves, disposable gloves, pvc and plastic aprons, nurse uniforms complemented with sexy undergarment, vintage stocking and fetish high heels.

Visiting us you will experience all sort of medical exams such as :

Fetish Temperature taking, Enema play and douches, electro stimulation, penis enlargement, Milking male masturbation, stretching of the anus by inserting toys of variety shapes, sounding and stretching if the penis’s orifice, Fisting – double or foot fucking, strap-on play, prostate exam, orgasm denial.

Our Medical Fetish Examination Equipment

Our Fetish Clinic is provided with very clean, disinfected and sterilized medical fetish toys.

Our display medical glass cabinet is filled up with all sort of medical implements, electro stimulation devices, electro penis pump, Male Milking machine Venus 2000, Insertables, nipple toys, institutional restraints, straight Jacket, prostate stimulation, enema kits, sounds sets, sharp implements and much more !

Our Gynecological setting is integrated to the Dungeon and Suspension System. The Gynecological Chair is covered in black leather, with leg stirrups and many positions for the back rest.

Our kinky sexy Nurses naked or fully covered in rubber medical uniforms are waiting you for a sensual medical examination !