Toilet Training

Slave Toilet Training Sessions

During  2022 I am open for business as usual !

Mistress Luna offers Full Slave Toilet training sessions (only Giving).

I enjoy to use men as human toilets, degradation and humiliation is the key of my pleasure.

Slaves are handcuffed to the Toilet Training chair and Forced to take Water-Sports (Golden Shower) and taste my precious Hard-Sports (Scat or Poo).

Adult WaterSports – Golden Shower

Slave Toilet training – Water Sports Sessions can be requested at any time 7 days a week .

WaterSports is also known as :Pissing, Erotic peeing, Piss play ,WS, Urophilia, Golden Shower, Pee Domination.


HardSport – Brown Shower – Scat

HardSports – Brown Shower or Scat sessions are giving absolute solid and in natural way.

Slave Toilet training – HardSports Sessions must be booked 24 hours in advance (be aware that is only Giving).

HardSports is also known as : Scat, HS, Poo, Pay per Poo, Messy play, Coprophilia or Caviar.

I provide Hard Sports 7 days a week from between 8am and 9am every day – booking 24 hours notice and half deposit payment..

Price  : £350  for 1 hour session includes Mistress ‘s pee and poo !

My Slave Toilet training Chair

Here my Bespoke leather Toilet training Chair where to handcuff my slaves and force them to taste my Golden Shower and Hard Sports.

Slave Toilet Training


* Tooth Brush and Tooth paste will be provided.

* Intimate Body Worship – queening or Rimming are NOT allowed.