Sploshing Sessions

Sploshing Sessions


NEW coming soon StudioGum inflatable Latex Suit GA 5a

SPECIAL 90 minutes session £400

Private Fully Equipped Dungeon NEW location BAKER STREET 3 minutes walk

Sploshing fetishism is also known as WAM ( wet and messy play ) – Food Play or Splosh, where a person gets sexual aroused by applying substances on his/her bare skin. Others may enjoy the sight of others getting wet and messy.

The pouring of substances while wearing tight clothes such as leggins, swim suits, sexy uniforms, t-shirts, tight jeans, or latex rubber catsuits is also another common theme.

I offer tailored Sploshing Sessions in my Brand New Cubicle Sploshing Room .

sploshing sessions

Wet and Messy Sessions

Sploshing sessions can be combined with Fetish and BDSM activities such as : Trampling, Foot Worship, Cock and ball Torture, Face Slapping, Face sitting, Corporal Punishment, Wrestling, Water Sports, Spanking, Humiliation and Forced Feeding .

Wet and Messy substances

Common substances focused to Sploshing include Custards, Gelatin, Puddings, Cakes, Eggs, Yogurts, Whipped cream, Chocolate sauce, Strawberry sauce, Syrups, Ice creams, Milk, Water Soluble paint, Mud, Natrosol Gunge.

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Sploshing and Cake Sitting

Clothed or not, walk up to a cake then sit on it, this is Cake Sitting ! After that, Mistress Luna will add a bit more of fun while foot crushing the cake all over your body.

Sploshing packages

Package 1 : Mistress Luna Sploshing  you.  90 Minutes session £400 ( half deposit payment is required )


* Shower facilities are available for your refreshment.