Tickling Fetish

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Tickling Fetish Service

Tickling fetish can be an erotic and sensual experience and sexual excitement.

The use of tickling can be consensual or forced to abuse, dominate, humiliate, or sensual stimulate the victim or slave.

Tickling games may involve some kind of restraints to the slave being tied up from preventing him protecting ticklish spots while being tickled, and also to produce high stimulation, amusement and erotic pleasure, as well as a kind of torture.

The restraints can be a bit loose or very a tight bondage, blindfolds and gags are common implements in a tickling fetish service. The restraints can be made from thick leather specially used in bondage sessions such as ankle – wrist or leg restraints or cotton – hemp ropes mainly used in Japanese rope bondage.

Sensual Tickle or consensual it is usually as a part of a sexual gratification.

Tickling Torture

Forced Tickle torture it can be used for interrogation purpose or as a punishment without leaving visible marks on the victim’s body.

Also can be applied as a form of domination, punishment , abuse or humiliation of the slave being tortured.

Tickling Fetish Service implements

Some of the implements to tickle the victim can be goose feathers, sharp fingernails or sharp implements, fingers, tongue, brush, electric toothbrush, etc.

Physical spots being Tickled

Some of the physical spots that Tickling fetish service can be applied are the victim’s bare feet, on the soles of the feet, between the legs, on the armpits, on the sides of the torso, neck, knees, back and other parts of the victim’s body.