Water-Sports and Golden Shower

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Water-Sports in the BDSM scene refers to a sexual play involving body fluids such as urine, saliva or blood  (also known as Edge Play).

Those who participate in Piss Play are also known as Water-Sports Fetishists or Human toilet Slaves.

Whater-Sports is also known as Golden Shower, Piss play and Urolagnia.

Slaves want to engage in Water-Sports because of the sexual arousal surrounding the thought or sight of urine or for the humiliation side of the play.

Participants involved in Water-Sports may enjoy urinating or being urinated in other people’s body, face, mouth, genitals such as vagina, penis or rectum.

Submissive slaves enjoy being urinated by their dominant partners or Mistresses because of the humiliation or power it entails.

Piss Play Human Toilet Slave

In Piss play there are participants giving/dominants, and receiving/submissive . I as a dominatrix I consider myself as a Giver.

I can engage in Water Sports Fetish at any time and any day. I only need 30 minutes notice to drink around 1 liter of still water, and ready for Piss Play !

I can provide you my precious Golden Shower wherever you may take, whether in your body, face, penis, ass or straight into your mouth.

What most I enjoy is to forced my slaves to drink it all, or drop by drop wet their penises while being forced to masturbate and make a mess all over my pee.