Financial Domination

Financial Domination & Financial Servitude

First at all you must know that I am a Business Woman, and I sell Intellect , Beauty, Fetish and Fantasy.

You must address me always as HRH – Her Royal Highness only.

As a Fin Dominatrix I’ve brandished a far more forceful instrument : My Voice.

My Fin Dom ( Financial Domination ) relationships are virtual, conducted by Skype, webcam, phone or email on NiteFlirt.

Those wealthy Pay Pigs will be granted the possibility of instant attention by text messages, just regular phone calls or even real meetings.

Financial Domination


I only have eyes for men that have too much to lose, which may be exactly why they enjoy spending all they have hardly earned on ME.

Before I will even consider you as a my new Pay Pig, in fact, I will require a monetary tribute to determine if you are worth for ME.

There are too many types of men in this world, those that reach a high of adrenaline by sky diving, jumping off a cliff or snowboarding.

The ones I adore are those that like losing control by being insulted, used, manipulated, and degraded, a very real form of humiliation and power exchange between an Alfa Female and a weak pig or insignificant pet.


Submit to your mistress !


 Fin Dom

BD & SM role-plays with whips, collars and bondage is one thing, but at the end of the day those are just agreed games, focused around male fantasies.

But handing over your hard-earned money to a beautiful woman while being denied any sexual and/or romantic reciprocity is about as real as female domination / financial domination gets.

Is about Female Supremacy, and confirming that women are the center of the Universe.

Financial Domination

 Real Time with my Pets

I only advertise my Financial Domination services on NiteFlirt where I can spend my time with real losers . Those that are ready to use their credit card for instant payments ( NF is not a monthly subscription site )

Otherwise you can find me when browsing key words related to my Financial Domination, as I barely pay online advertisements.

I travel abroad with wealthy or generous Pay Pigs.  I can consider visiting you in your country, always traveling to a beautiful town, and having a 5* Hotel room for myself for at least 48hrs. Spending luxury days at your total cost and in retribution you will be verbal, psychological and corporal humiliated.

Otherwise if you would like me being your guest in your private residence, I always travel with one of my Girlfriends.

In terms of transportation, I always flight on Business or First Class, taxi or with private chauffeur.

 Teaser Pictures on NiteFlirt

I have more than 500 HQ pictures, some of them you can see it on my site ( watermarked always ) . Now you have the chance of see all my collection of pics on NiteFlirt  ( Pay Per View ).

Financial Domination

All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

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