Financial Mistress

Financial Mistress in London

A real Findom

As a Financial Mistress I’m a cruel, authoritarian, sadistic, perverse, greedy, mind fuck, spoiled Brat, rude bossy Bitch, and hard to be pleased.

Born under the sign of Virgo, I use my mental acuity to maximum advantage. As a good Virgin I enjoy material possessions and I can tend to be self-centered and a sharp minded, these qualities makes me a perfect Financial Mistress Bossy Ruler.

I am an intriguing mysterious woman with a beautiful face and body of a young girl, and I love being a Financial Mistress because is thrilling me sexually, mentally and even emotionally having the power of control over another person, specially when money is involved.

Being an independent woman, gives me the power to use men as much as I want. When I get involved with them it can be for their money, to torment and humiliate or just to use them for my sexual satisfaction, and consequently discard them when I get bored or my goals have been achieved.

I am very determined to express myself and I like men to understand where the limits are and who is in charge of every situation, if my terms causes them any misunderstanding I’m cruel enough to punish, humiliate, destroy, kick them out and look for my next victim.

 My only Goal

I only think is being pampered & spoiled by submissive weaklings Pay Pigs from all around the globe, either rich or poor, the most important thing is that their hard work earnings are handled to me to support my lavish lifestyle.

I am very proud and never ashamed of being direct and letting you know that my only intention is treat you badly, ruin your life and take all your money away. Because I know giving up all your financial security will bring us the most dangerous thrilling erotic excitement.

Virtual vs Real

I provide Virtual & Real domination in exchange of money (financial domination). If you do not have money, I have not interest on you, and you don’t exist for me.

I will always fall in love with real submissive men rather than fetishist or Sado Masochistic men.

I’ve been dominating men on real meetings as well as virtually, mainly real pet pigs are ashamed of being wallet raped, but some enjoy being dragged into my house, getting intoxicated by my evil mind, blackmailed and financially ruined.

I love being a findom mistress, financial domme, financial dominatrix, money mistress, money domme, money dominatrix, and I am well trained in financial servitude, financial domination, financial slave fantasy, financial slave training, financial slave wallet rape , black mail financial roleplay, mind control, financial hypnosis, financial fetishism, financial consensual blackmail .. and much more !

Let me use you, humiliate you, punish you and push your boundaries like anyone else.


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