Mistress Money Pig

Mistress Money Pig Assignments

Mistress Money pig assignments are custom made obligations – tasks – duties – jobs which are fully tailored by a Dominant controlling Bossy Bitch, who works hard thinking how to gain well-being, advantage and comfort at the expenses of human pay pigs.

Financial Dominatrix Luna has created a wide list of Mistress Money pig assignments based in different fetishes and fantasies, in which Mistress and Money pigs will engage from virtual to real Findom servitude, and exchange of all sort of weird role play scenarios for money.

If there is a money pig assignments that yo are interested and is not listed below, feel free to email me a custom made assignment appropriated to your wallet and limits.

Chip & Pin assignment

Meet Boss Bitch Luna for credit & debit card rape.

All major credit cards can be raped, payments by chip & pin device.

mistress money pig assignment


Mistress Money Pig wishlist

Mistress Money Pig

Begin Slave servitude by spoiling your Mistress !

Mistress Money pig Fast Tributes

By clicking on any of the buttons : Tip Me !!  you will be redirected to my list of method payments, otherwise you can call the mistress for instant credit card payments over the phone.

Mistress Money Pig Mistress Money Pig Mistress Money Pig Mistress Money Pig  Mistress Money Pig Mistress Money Pig


Phone Sex Sessions

Pay for phone Sex sessions, 90 minutes Fantasy and Humiliation .


Reference : P – S – S  + your phone number or email address.

The tribute is for my time over the phone, we must arrange a call after the payment is received. You will make the call to my UK number phone, and whit-held numbers are allowed.

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Old fashion Letter – Mail Date

Pay for Fantasy Kinky Slave training via post mail – old fashion letters to Goddess Luna.

Up to 3 letters exchanged.


Reference : L – D + your full home address or postal address.

Send letter addressed to : Miss Luna .

Receiving my letters sender will appear as : M.L

Letters received without advance tribute will be ignored, as well as postcards .

Find my full address click here !

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Email Date

Pay for Tease and Denial Pictures, Email Humiliation task, chastity and sissy slut training by email.

Up to 5 emails replies.


Reference : E – D + your email address.

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Text Date

Pay for cum control – sissy training – slave training – humiliation via SMS text messages.

48 hours duration of unlimited text messages.

£200 UK Numbers

£300 International Numbers

Reference : T – D + your phone number.

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Cam Date

Pay for Skype Worship, Mistress pleasing herself, and humiliation time. 1 hour of Skype sessions.

£200 Clothed Cam

£400 Nude Cam

Reference : Cam – D + Your Skype address

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 Cinema Date

Cinema Date at EveryMan Baker Street London.

2 hours of Cinema Date includes humiliation, hand job in the cinema, trips to the Cinema’s Bar.

( Everyman venue has a cocktail bar,  where you will be send to buy alcoholic beverages during the show )


Reference : C – D + your phone number / email .

( This tax is excluded from the tickets and drinks )

Cuckold Mistress Date

Pay to watch Real or Virtual Cuckold Mistress Date.

Mistress will call her Big Cock Boy Toy, and you will be put into Chastity and be Forced to watch her being pleased by her big cock slave boy.

Virtual Skype £600

Real Cuckold Humiliation £400

Reference : Cuck – D + your phone number / email .

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Mistress Money pig Consensual Blackmail

Sign a Blackmail Mistress Contract, pay tribute first and send all details to info@universebdsm.com

Once payment + details are received, Mistress Luna  and her team of bitches will start Blackmailing you till destroy your precious quiet life.

Sign contract £150

Daily Blackmail extra £100

Reference : C – Black  + your phone number / email .

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Task Date

Pay to be let to tidy up my apartment, do my laundry and scrub my floors.

Up to 4 hours of tailored maid duties.


Reference : T – D + your phone number / email .

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ATM Date

Cash Point meeting to drain your bank account.

Meeting available in Central London, 7 days a week. ( nearest to my place 1 minute walk )


Reference : ATM – D + your phone number or email address.

( This tax is excluded from the £ – € – $  I will take from you )

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Shopping Date

Shopping trips to purchase me expensive goods and be my bag carrier slave at Selfridges or Harrods Stores.

Humiliation will be included.


Reference : S – D  + your phone number .

( This tax is excluded from the shopping bill )

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Humiliation Real Date

Like the shopping trips but having witnesses while being humiliated, degraded and insulted.

Up to 2 hours Real meeting in a Restaurant, Store, or Hotel Bar.


Reference : H – D + your phone number or email address.

( This tax is excluded from the Food or Shopping bill )

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Pamper Date

I WANT to spend a 2 days at The Cafe Royal London Spa.

Pictures will be send to your email after my Pamper Day and posted online !

SENT ME £1.000

Reference : P – D + your phone number or email address.

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Dungeon’s Rent

Pay My Weekly Dungeon Rent

PAY NOW £600

Reference :  D – R + your phone number or email address.

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Mortgage Slave

Pay my monthly Mortgage bill

PAY NOW £1.500

Reference :  M – B + your phone number or email address.

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Questioning & Interrogation – Real Meeting

You will be called for questioning & interrogation.

Officer on duty M.Luna will held you in custody for suspicion of money laundry.

Handcuffed and unable to justify the amount of cash found on your bank accounts, and after 2 hours of interrogation you will be granted bail and called for trail whenever the court requires.

Pay £400

Reference : Q – I + your phone number or email address.

( This tax is excluded from the amount to pay as a bail which will be from £600 to £2000 depending if found guilty or not guilty  )

Capital punishment, public degradation, corporal punishment or even imprisonment- detention sentence can be carried out if the bail cannot be paid by the prosecuted.

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London Mayfair Albany Retreat

Rent me a glamorous apartment on  Albany Residence  , where to spend my luxury days and socialize with my posh girlfriends.

Where to meet you once in a while to torment you, blackmail you, humiliate you and even worse drain your offshore accounts.

Let’s see if you dare !

8 months Advanced Payment WILL COST YOU : £46.800

Payment sent to my Bank Account Only.

For Payment click here !


Home Sweet Home – Your 2nd Residence

It is so exciting to know that plenty of Villas and luxury flats around the globe are basically unused by their rich stupid PET owners.

Well, here is my idea of ending this tragedy and handle me your keys, get me a flight business plain ticket and I will spend fantastic weeks in your hard earned 2nd residence.

Pictures must been send prior our arrangements.

What do you get in exchange ? Well , I haven’t decided yet .. but I will start from ruining your life and passing you huge amounts on utility bills – butler – maid and grocery expenses.

I also have on mind all sorts of mentally and physical harm which you won’t forget neither resist.

Let’s begging our Darkest Fantasies now !

To sign the contract I WANT £500

Reference : 2nd – R + your phone number or email address.

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