Pay Pigs

Pay Pigs – Money Pigs

Pay Pigs it is a derogatory term used by Financial Dominatrices to humiliate submissive money slaves.

Pay Pigs are submissive men that have a priciest Fetish of supporting financially Alfa Females, being ripped off, having their wallet raped, their bank accounts drained by a beautiful and manipulative Mistress who is capable of take full control of their finances.

Between Pay Pigs and a Mistress exists a strong bound where both parts genuinely understands their needs and desires.

These type of relationships are really erotic, extreme power exchange between the Mistress getting aroused while manipulating her financial slave, and the submissive male dreaming of being financially ruined.


Pay Pigs Packages & Tribute to gain my attention

Here is a list of the common taxes for those truly Money Pets that seek being ruined, used, degraded, humiliated, chastised, sissified, wallet raped, blackmailed, cuckolded, mistreated, punished, and all sort of mentally and fiscally harm that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


 Spoiling Payment Methods

Being an spoiled Bitch is my job, and your is to make lots ££ for me to spend !

Send me Cash here – Gifts here – Money here !

Send me E-Gift cards here !


Pretending Pay pigs & Losers !

Do not ever expect me to engage on a phone conversation regarding Financial Domination unless you have already sent a tribute.

Do not ever waste my time sending me emails – text messages – and calls regarding Financial Domination unless you have already sent a tribute.

If you bother me you will be Black Listed for ever.

Insistence will end up in passing your details to other Fin Dominatrices, and in extreme case your details will be added to the social media ( Facebook & Twitter )

All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

pay pigs