Overnight Mistress Dominatrix sessions

Overnight Mistress Dominatrix stays at Luna’s Dungeon consist in 12 hours during which you will be confined to kinky evening – stay.

Available Overnight Mistress Dominatrix sessions 7 days a week including Christmas Holidays.

See other overnight packages below.


Possible scenarios

Kidnapping – Interrogation / Doctor – Patient / Nanny Nurse – Adult Baby / Disciplinarian – School boy / others.


Overnight 12 hours BDSM

It will be scheduled in 4 hours play only and the rest of the hours for extended lock up confinement, and some of the hours for rest – shower and breakfast.

It includes a range of different activities such as sensory deprivation and anything from light and comfortable restraint, to restrictive bondage combined with sensual teasing – toilet training – gags – rubber – uniforms – sissy dresses – nappies – toilet training – foot fetish – tie tease and any extreme BDSM that you can imagine.

Price £800

Overnight stay plus 4 hours session then extended lock-up, from 8pm to 8am or 10pm to 10am.

Breakfast and shower are included.

Dinner is not included, then you must pay extra for any delivery or for eating out.


Our domestic setting

We often get requests for domination sessions in our domestic setting.

bedroom 2


Our Fetish medical hydraulic hospital bed

For fetish medical extended lock up confinement, full restraint, we have an hydraulic hospital bed with a brand new profiling mattress – medium risk covered in a high density polythene stretch PU cover.

Our medical hospital Sidhil bed features Hydraulic – Mechanical system to adjust height, back rest and it has breaking system in all four wheels. (size 220 long  x 10o wide )

And is ready with medical bed linen to hospitalize any kinky patient in need of special care !






Overnight B&B Mistress Luna

Spend an overnight at B&B Mistress Luna, £500 for a night locked away in the dungeon.

You will be bound, restricted and locked away for the evening with no chance of escape.

Price £500

This experience does not include any hourly bdsm experiences.

There is a £150 charge for each hourly experience you wish to have beyond being locked away.


Sissy Maid overnight

This experience package is for sissy maids looking strict training and it includes 8 hours of household chores under my strict and sadistic supervision.

You will be locked away over night and tied up in a bed next to mistress’s bedroom.

Meals are included and provided by the Mistress.

Experience begins at Day #1  at 9:00 am

Experience Ends on Day #2  at 9:00 am.

Price £800.

Some Extras charges

Nappy change : extra £20 for every diaper changed.

Use of Milking machine Venus 2000 :  extra £20 for a new piece of rubber liner for the cylinder.

If you would like the Mistress to dress up in any special attire such rubber, it will be £60 per 1 hour.

Hard Sports extra charge email me →.

Enema £90 extra charge.


Please note

If you are considering staying at Mistress Luna’s place for an overnight on Christmas Holidays, the prices from above might vary.

If you would like to experience an overnight session shorter than 12 hours or an specific scenario please ask → !!