Body Body Massage

Body Body Massage combined with BDSM

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Body Body massage is a combination of a full body massage using my hands and another part of my body.

It is recommended to get your muscles relaxed before a body body massage by having a nice hot and warm shower.

The use of aromatic oils and heat it before applying to the body will give a deep muscle relaxation.

It will begin by hand massage with sensual aromatic oil, to release the tension of shoulders and back, moving to arms and legs, and gently relax neck and face.

Once your body is completely relaxed, warm oil massage will be dropped all over your bare skin, and gently I will rub my body on top of yours to experience the feeling of skin to skin, and the erotic sensation of my breast, nipples and legs will delight you.

Body Body massage & Sensual Fantasy games

Combining a body body massage with some BDSM activities makes the massage more exciting, as it can be the way to get to know fetish and fantasy as well as BD & SM games in a sensual way.

Some of the most common sensual games you can experience are blindfolds, tie and tease, tease and denial, sensual prostate stimulation, nipple touch, nipple play, breath play, poppers and amyl, light cock flogging, pegs, eletro stimulation, but plug insertion and well as role play and fantasy whispering.

Those that have been in the BDSM scene before, can request more extreme activities such as spanking, bondage, sounds, cbt, cp, and other type of hard discipline.

 Cock Foot massage

Those foot fetishist can experience a foot massage, foot worship, foot licking and a foot job with warm aromatic oil.