Tease Denial

Tease Denial

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Tease and denial is a sexual practice also known as orgasm control. It is usually practised by BDSM and Fetishist players as well as vanilla.

It can involve bondage, restraints and chastity devices as a measure of preventing genitals being stimulated.

Is a sexual play where the male genitals are stimulated, teased to the edge but deprived of having a full orgasm.

Being expose to a prolonged tease denial can produce pre-ejeculation also known as Pre-cum, blue balls is another signal of being teased and denied.

To ensure that the male will not reach his genitals for self stimulation, is recommended the use of a chastity device or chastity belt. Depending of the state of the arousal, it may still occur regardless of genital stimulation.


Milking Denial and Orgasm control

This technique can be practised alone or either another person.The purpose of it is to maintain sexual arousal for very long period of time without allowing experience an orgasm.

As a BDSM sensual practitioner I use different methods for tease denial such as : hand job or hand relief, the use of Magic Wand or sexual massagers, prostate massage, tantra massage, cock restraints, penis pump and Milking Machine Venus 2000.

Female and Male assistants

Mistress Luna’s assistants are very naughty and kinky, ready to join us for Double sessions.

Sensual female and handsome bisexual male for tease denial and Mild to Extreme Domination.