School Girl Discipline

Submissive School Girl Discipline

I am a Switch Domme who enjoys submissive school girl discipline and role play scenario. As a good role player I am very inventive and agile, with bits of naughtiness. I like wearing school girl attires, and tight girdles underneath, traditional white knee socks, tiny and short pleated skirts showing off my white knickers and tailored white open shirts.

I like my sexy school girl uniform, and I believe the skirt is too short and the other school girls gets jealous and keep reporting me. I often get called to the Head Master office for interrogation, I got asked all sort of silly questions which I am not happy to response, then I get severe school girl discipline and punishment.

Usually I have to stand on the corner for long periods of time with my knickers pulled down to my knees (which makes me instantly wet), then the Head Master gags me and spread bar my legs, my hand also get tied up on my back, and helpless I get hardly bare hand disciplined on my bottom by the Head Master. When spanked I get instantly aroused, and the Head Master knows that and as I am restraint and he gets advantage of me, touching my naughty pussy and playing with little sex toys.