Sissy Maid Vacancy London

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Sissy Maid Vacancy London

I have been offering sissy maid position for a few months by now, it has been very successful if it wasn’t for a few pathetic Sissy Maids that were trying to take advantage of ME and waste my precious time (online – on the phone and in person).

Then as a HARD punishment I decided to report them openly here on my blog, to stop these abuse happens to other Dominant Ladies who are lifestyle Dominatrices and enjoy having sissies or slaves around during their spare time.

And for all of you : Sissies to understand well, that apart from enjoying what we doing, we also put a lot energy in our precious work, which gives to men great counseling and mental health, which some of you are deeply immature and do not understand how valuable our time and energy is.

I hope after reporting all these horrible men that they really do not know what they want (because £100 is not much for a person who has a job – family and lives in the UK) which is all I requested by paid once a month in exchange of my time and presence.

Here is a list of Sissy Maid Time wasters :

Number 1 –

Sissy maid time waster called me lots of times over 3 days saying his application has been sent . He is a liar as he never sent me any email; he does not speaks well English – his number phone is xxxx 440 2436.

Number 2 –

Sissy Maid Time waster emailed me and we agreed of 4 months contract starting tomorrow. He provided all information required. But in the end he wanted my time for free, he offered teaching me accounting – IT and information security , NONE of these qualifications were on my list. Then he called today and when I requested the payment he put the phone down like a coward cheap sissy bitch .Then I decided he needs to be on my list ! Phone number xxxx 099 2320 / His Name’s initials  P.M / 49 years old.

Number 3 –

Sissy Maid Time waster, these one is a very special demanding bitch who apparently hates woman too much for the way he spoke about all his girlfriends and wife. He likes to bring his own IMPRESSIVE collection of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanik shoes (size EU 39). He is 42 years old, stable with a good job (but lately he can not remain in any company for too long, then he usually quits his job after a few months, it means he is not mentally stable). We had a good start, but when I decided to make a longer contract he refuses to pay, but still wanted to come (to waste my time). He even tried to boss me around and impose me his own rules. Then I decided to add HER to my list : Phone number xxxx 7059 183 / his name’s initials are L.B .

Number 4 –

Sissy Maid time waster from Germany, this sissy boy really pissed me off. He applied perfectly and we meet for interview. He could not pay the monthly fees of £100, then he said he was qualified as a video editor. We spent 2 hours discussing about the training, and I even I looked for flats to share as he was staying in a hotel and he was desperately looking where to live. He is 33 years old, working in banking in Monument. I have sent him many emails with at least 30 apartments to share near his work office, and he never got back to me. Then I decided he needed to be on that list : phone number UK xxxx  0964413  Phone number in Germany xxx 12022432 / his name’s initials D.W.

Number 5 –

Sissy maid Janice has been serving at Ava Von Medicine, he applied and he sent me 100 of emails, he wasted my time online as well as over the phone. He has pictures washing dishes at Ava V. Medicine on Fetlife, I am really glad mistress Ava Von made him to perform cores that are suitable for a dirty pussy ! He is a truly bitch who needs to be punished and then I decided he earned to be on my list : he is 35 years old, lives in Cambridge and his email is jamie_hoy.

Now, if you really like to be respected, and you understand that respect starts on you and continues in others… then you won’t waste my time calling me or emailing me 100 times a day with your pathetic bullshit, otherwise your details will appear here !

Hopefully this makes other sissy time wasters BE AWARE that I am not into bullshit and my time is very valuable and I only like respectful sissies to contact me.

Mistress Luna

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