Tie Tease Massage

Tie Tease Massage


Tie Tease massage is another form of sex games, where the dominant participant incorporates bondage or restraints to extend the tease and denial on the passive partner while performing a sensual massage.

The passive partner or slave is held into a highly aroused state, stimulating his genitals without allowing him to achieve an orgasm.

Tie Tease is a physical as well as psychological BDSM practice, where blindfolds, restraints and sensual dominance are commonly incorporated to achieve the best tie tease experience.

My Tie Tease Massage

I  specialise in Tie Tease massage, slaves being tied up, bounded and sexually stimulated to prolong their arousal.

I  provide Tie Tease Massage on top of a Bondage table, on top of a massage table or in a bed with PVC bedsheets .

I use mild restraints, rope bondage, leather restraints, to keep my slave immobilised . I do stimulate his genitals and most sensitive parts of his body such as nipples, prostate and penis and balls .

I mainly use my hands, to give nice gentle strokes with silky lube, wand vibrators and sex toys, strap-on and dildos.

Orgasm Denial

The main goal of Orgasm Denial is not to allow the slave to reach the climax or orgasm .

I usually lock my slaves in a Chastity device and stimulate their genitals and erogenous parts, mild electro stimulation and vibrators can be used as a way of torture.

Role Play and Tie Tease Massage

I have a large collection of sexy outfits and various uniforms that can be requested for Role Play & Tie Tease Massage, such as sexy provocative luxurious lingerie by Agent Provocateur, secretary outfit, French maid Uniform, School Girl uniform, rubber and latex clothes, Nurse and Nanny attire and also as special request : Mistress  can session completely nude.