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Vacancies slave wanted London

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Vacancies slave wanted London

I am looking for a long term slave for a Vacancies slave wanted London. Main requirement be fully submissive to A Superior Goddess, never forget where you belong.

Vacancies slave wanted London

Mistress Luna requires a weekly assistance of a sissy slave or any sort of sub available to serve and help the mistress regularly at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Cores of the slave: from sissy cores, cleaning, ironing, scrubbing, shopping, bag carrier, driver, handy man and house maintenance to Mistress’s personal maid-butler.

Advantage and benefits for the slave, you will be immersed in Mistress’s BDSM world and forced to wear sissy attires and fetish paraphernalia, you will be punished from time to time and you will live in a surreal fetish world orchestrated by the Mistress.

Vacancies slave wanted London – How to apply :

Simple make a call, be respectful and serious. Answer all questions made and follow Mistress’s instructions if you are truly committed to go ahead with the position.

Other qualifications which can help you to get the position are web developer, then we can exchange time with the Mistress for web maintenance. However for this position, you might have to do the web maintenance from Mistress’s place.

Those who would like to apply call to my number and speak directly with the Mistress at +44 (0) 7857 244 126

Vacancies slave wanted London